Welcome to the Den!

So this is going to be where I’ll post blogs on my latest activities and upcoming projects. I’ve never blogged before so it will be something that grows and changes as this new thing finds its way in the world. I hope i can make it interesting as well as amusing for you :)

I hope to eventually bring you video blogs and interviews from each of my shoots with your favorite actors as well as updates on exciting things to come like our eagerly anticipated book - The Men of Science Fiction! And on that point we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign for this book very soon. As you may know self-publishing a book of decent quality that can be brought to you at a decent price is no cheap undertaking. Besides the months of work that goes into the preparation and design, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to do a production run in a large enough quantity to keep the sell price reasonable. Hence Kickstarter. Keep your eyes peeled here and on my various other social sites for updates. There will be some very cool perks available that I’m sure you’ll love! You can also join the MOSF Facebook page for updates by clicking here.

That being said MOSF will not purely be about science fiction actors. I have a passion for many genres and so many of the things i grew up loving as a child are now movies or tv shows and even web-series. The books will represent people from a multitude of genres such as scifi, fantasy and comicbook-adaptations. But I just love the title that we started with, so it’s going to stay :)

Did i say “books”? Well yes, if we do well with MOSF Vol 1 there will of course be a Vol 2 not to mention Women of Scifi! It is a big job though so i will be working with great post-production visual artist Ashley Joncas to create the most beautiful book i can for you not to mention words by the awesome vancouver editor Sabrina Furminger. It’s actually almost as much effort prepping the Kickstarter site which should be up early June. We hope to have the book ready for delivery before the end of the year.

Not too much else to say in this introductory post other then i continue to plan on a multitude of new shoots in 2014 once back in North America and attend as many conventions as i can! I hope to see you at some of these so don’t be shy and come and say hello! We are also working on a Store on this site where you will be able to get your hands on some beautiful and limited release items. There are some test pages there at the moment for you to check out so do have a look!

Love and Rockets

Work in Progress on the book with a sneak peek of Christopher Heyerdahl, Corin Nemec and Dan Feuerriegel as well as a little look bts of the KS video to come!

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