Dennys Ilic Photography was enlisted to provide both stills and video content for the ADF media purposes and their website. You can see the images and footage in use throughout at the following link:

Navy Recruiting


Dennys has performed a number of interviews both on television and radio as well as numerous appearances at pop culture exhibitions. These interviews serve to help and inspire those wishing to follow a similar career path. You can listen to some of these at the links below:

ABC National Radio Interview 2013

Spoiler Alert Radio

Wormhole Riders - You Decide


We involved in a large variety of creative and charitable projects that often attract the attention of the media. If you are interested in reading more about our background here are some links to various stories:

Dennys Ilic vs. Acting Outlaws for Charity

Ron Moore for Wired by Dennys Ilic

Galactica TV Interview


Dennys has been involved with many iconic television productions as well as some of the largest film franchises in history. You can see a list of work attachments at the official Internet Movie Database resume page at the link below


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